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A 5-week E-Course About Performing Your Best Built From My Own Olympic Gold Medal Process

Build Better Habits
Make Positive Choices
Expand Creativity
Change Negative Behavior

The Problem With Finish Lines

Quit the Job. Launch a business, Lose 30 pounds. The thought of a life leap – a transformational change – excites us.

That excitement pulls us into thinking about the finish line. What “victory” will feel like when we change a situation we no longer wanted and reach that new destination.

The attraction of winning prompts us to think BIG. And as good as this feels, it’s also the exact point where the goal moves further AWAY from us, not closer.

Listen, I would never discourage anyone from “thinking big.” In fact, there’s a specific place for this in my 5 With Joe Performance Process.

“The Start Line” is my flagship 5 With Joe Performance Coaching Program that resets your conditions for success and gradually moves you into an achievable daily practice of better habits, awareness, creativity, and performance.

Together, you and I overhaul poor decisions and reboot your routine with very achievable “Small Steps Every Day.” In this 5-week course, I’ll teach you the “Small Steps Daily Practice,” the exact same practice I’ve used every day for the past several yeas and the same first step I share with my Personal Performance Coaching clients.

The Start Line threads together five different “roles” in your health and overlays them with 5 different “themes” in your health that results in 25 life lessons I share with you over the course of the program.

Each weekday for five weeks, you’ll receive The Start Line Daily Email that:

  1. Builds that day’s lesson through a personal experience of my own.
  2. Includes “Daily Actions” that grow your “Small Steps Daily Practice.”
  3. Encourages you reply directly to me with any questions about the content and the program.

Big thinking rarely makes for a good start. Sure, that feeling of success carries us for little while until we realize HOW FAR AWAY our big thinking is from where are today. Even worse, “thinking big” consumes your valuable attention and time from what’s truly important which is summed up right here:

Of course, we intuitively know that Small Steps Every Day are the right way forward. We hear this ALL the time. So, why don’t we DO Small Steps? And stick with Small Steps? Because…

  • we compare ourselves to others
  • we hold ourselves to unrealistic standards
  • we don’t understand how to set the conditions to succeed.
  • we repeat desperate attempts over and over thinking this time will be different.
  • we never ask for help

Eventually, we give up. Or postpone. Look for “new inspiration.” Settle back into our old ways.

Sound familiar?

A process that move you into action. A system in which you invest first in yourself. A veil of accountability that keeps you coming back again tomorrow, and the day after that.

The bottom line is that good habits must be reverse engineered back to the Start Line.

More Questions?

Check out the FAQs below or feel free to email me with any questions.

Who else has taken this program? 2017-09-27T04:50:47+00:00

Over the past two years ago, I’ve been joined at The Start Line by business owners, health care professionals, Olympic sport leaders teachers, consultants, senior leaders from General Electric, Ernst & Young, Shield Scholars from the University of Oklahoma an many other companies and organizations.

Can I do the program with friends or as part of a group? 2017-09-27T04:53:59+00:00

Absolutely! Bringing together a group of friends or work colleagues to participate in The Start Line adds accountability and support to the program. Additionally, I will add group Coaching Calls to the program for groups of  5 people or more. Please email me for more details.

Are Coaching Calls included with The Start Line? 2017-09-27T04:53:01+00:00

One-to-one coaching calls are not included in The Start Line. However, one-to-one coaching calls are a key part of my Personal Performance Coaching program. Please email me for more details.

What’s included the program? 2017-03-12T18:35:37+00:00
  • 25 Daily Emails
  • 25 Daily Daily Actions which guide the development of your Small Steps Daily Practice
  • “Reply Back” Q&A – Have a question about the program? Just hit reply to any email and ask a question. All emails come directly to me and are answered by me.
What do habits, awareness, and creativity have to do with increasing performance and achieving big goals? 2017-03-12T18:34:49+00:00

A few years ago, I desperately wanted to change my work situation, my health, and my life direction. I wasn’t short on “motivation.” But I was stuck in a rut of poor choices.

So, I rebuilt the way I made choices through rebooting my system for building habits and self-investment. I didn’t rush the process. And over time, I saw huge results. The lessons I share in this program were my own start line.

How does The Start Line help me? 2017-03-12T18:34:09+00:00

The Start Line program gradually builds you into the Small Steps Daily Practice, the same morning routine I’ve used to begin my day every day for the past several years.