The Start Line – Virtual Self Study Program

The Start Line – Virtual Self Study Program


“The Start Line” is the flagship 5 With Joe Performance Coaching Program that resets your conditions for success and gradually moves you into an achievable daily practice of better habits, awareness, creativity, and performance.

Together, you and I overhaul poor decisions and reboot your routine with very achievable “Small Steps Every Day.” In this 5 week e-course, I’ll teach you the “Small Steps Daily Practice,” the exact same practice I’ve used every day for the past several years and the same first step I share with my Elite Personal Performance Coaching clients.

The Start Line threads together five different “roles” in your health and overlays them with 5 different “themes” in your health that results in 25 life lessons I share with you over the course of the program.

Each weekday for five weeks, you’ll receive The Start Line Daily Email that:

  1. Builds that day’s lesson through a personal experience of my own.
  2. Includes “Daily Actions” that grows your “Small Steps Daily Practice.”
  3. Encourages you to reply directly to me for accountability and support that may help you as you take action by way of the content in the program.
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“You know how sometimes a preacher’s sermon seems to be targeted directly at and only at you, as if the preacher knows you inside and out, knows things about you that you thought impossible unless you had confessed them outright? Well, I have to say that your posts have appeared in my inbox in a similarly uncanny way more times than I can count.”
– The Start Line Client

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The Start Line, One-to-One Coaching Calls with The Start Line

Sometimes in life we are fortunate to be part of the “perfect storm” this was the case when I started my journey 5 With Joe.

Not only was my quest for personal growth, I was also training for my longest, and most difficult mountain bike race of 100 miles.

Joe was the perfect synergy for both of my goals, throughout our work together, Joe taught me the importance of doing the little things daily, often times this is what separates us as individuals, and athletes.Most people have a image of who they want to be, Joe was instrumental in my journey of becoming both the individual I’m capable of being, and successfully completing my 100 mile race.

With Gratitude,

Doug Honeyford
Reno, NV
High Cascades 100 Finisher