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Hire Olympic Gold Medalist Joe Jacobi to Speak at Your Event.

Olympic Gold Medalist Joe Jacobi - Professional Speaker

A few of Joe’s speaking clients over the past 2 years:

General Electric
John Hancock
Entrepreneurs Organization (Regional Chapter)
Minor League Baseball Sales & Marketing Annual Meeting
North Carolina Healthcare Financial Management
Novant Health
Southeastern Oklahoma Bankers Association
Rukkus Communications
Capital Title and Abstract Annual Meeting
Redlands Community College
Outlier Labs
Bank2 Sales Conference
LeadWell Conference
Zions Bank Leadership Team

For more than 25 years, more than 500 top companies, associations, and community organizations have trusted Joe to deliver a message positive message that engages, educates, and entertains audiences. Even the faculty and students at the University of Oklahoma tapped Joe to deliver an inspiring Commencement Address to capture the spirit of optimism during a prosperous time in the state.

Joe’s presentations from the stage are always customized to meet the exact nature of the audience with a deep sensitivity to the opportunities and challenges that define the moment.

And the speech is just part of the value that Joe brings to your organization and event. Joe always brings his Olympic Gold Medal (yes, the Stolen Medal!) where he travels to ensure each and every attendee can experience their own “Gold Medal Best Moment.”

Additionally, Joe works with carefully with his event hosts to ensure the day is a complete success including opportunities such as:

  • Q&A time
  • Branded photos and merchandise
  • Photo and Autograph sessions
  • VIP engagement
  • Outdoor activities

To book Joe Jacobi to speak at your event, email him directly at

“… there are no manuals for how to be a contributing, happy senior citizen. (You) help me to see that, at every age, people come to a crossroads and are open to input. Your path is crossing mine at exactly the right time. Thanks Coach.”
“We are Both Grateful for Your Inspiration!!”

“Joe Says:
1) Redirect Negativity to Positive Action.
2) Confront tasks one at a time. Feel Proactive rather than overwhelmed.
3) Keep Moving!! Activity = Health!!

Get Your Moe Joe On !!”

– Message that two 5 With Joe students put on their mirrors after taking the course

“Thank you so much for sharing your insights and wisdom with the world, Joe. I think there’s a hunger for the kind of perspective you bring and I’m certain what you have to say deeply resonates with others. Keep up the GREAT and revealing work, Joe. It’s nothing less than inspiring!”
Senior Leader, United States Olympic Committee
“Your words keep me focused at a time when I need all of the focus my adult ADD mind can muster.”