“Not a single ounce of greatness in history has ended with thoughts.”

This is my favorite Serena Williams quote.

If the transformation of thoughts into action was easy, everyone would be great.

Two years ago, my transition from CEO to entrepreneur did not go as planned. I needed to take an action-step, but was stuck.

Then a winch-line was tossed my way.

Ever Gonzalez, founder of OutlierHQ and top podcast host, invited me to join his Mastermind group. It’s a virtual communication hub where entrepreneurs, leaders, and creators come together every week to collaboratively move each other from thoughts to actions.

Ever welcomed me into this tight-knit environment where I would be challenged to generate ideas, be held accountable for taking action, and could lean into a community that is dedicated to my success.

Within these weekly private conversations, not only did I receive support and ideas for my pursuits, but I actually learned more in contributing my own support and ideas to my fellow Masterminders who were there to overcome their particular challenges.

Each week for two years = by my count that’s over 100 Mastermind intensive hours with a small, select group of action makers.

Sometimes, a small action can change everything.

  • It can awaken.
  • It can move you forward.
  • It can connect you to a like-minded community.
  • It can inspire you to come back and act again tomorrow.

How do you take that first action-step?

Presented by OutlierHQ

Starts on Wednesday, April 5th, 2017 and continues every Wednesday through September 6th, 2017. Ever Gomzalez and Joe Jacobi host a LIVE one-hour Mastermind online video session designed to sharpen your game. (20 sessions in all.)

Each week, Joe will introduce a concept from his Olympic Gold Medal strategy playbook that moves you closer to performing your best. Ever keeps our conversation flowing and inclusive while bringing out our best work as he has done with hundreds of business leaders in the past via the OutlierHQ platform.

The sessions include the presentation followed by a group discussion about the application of the topic, Q&A, and a “Weekly Challenge.”

The conversation and community interaction will shift over to the private Gold Medal OutlierHQ Facebook page where they provide accountability, support, additional resources, and win-shares!

If you miss a week, no worries – Joe & Ever will post a recording of each week’s call to the private Facebook page so that you can watch and listen at a time convenient for you.

More Questions? Keep reading below…

Who else has taken this program?

Over the past two years ago, I’ve been joined at The Start Line by business owners, health care professionals, Olympic sport leaders teachers, consultants, senior leaders from General Electric, Ernst & Young, Shield Scholars from the University of Oklahoma an many other companies and organizations.

Can I do the program with friends or as part of a group?

Absolutely! Bringing together a group of friends or work colleagues to participate in The Start Line adds accountability and support to the program. Additionally, I will add group Coaching Calls to the program for groups of  8 people or more. Please email me for more details.

Are Coaching Calls included with The Start Line?

Adding one-to-one coaching calls to the Start Line is the best way to make the most of your Start Line experience. With such calls, we work together to apply the pillars of the e-course to your specific objectives.

One note of caution – many of my clients arrive at the end of The Start Line with a desire to continue working together towards for a longer period of time. If you feel you may want to work together for more than just the five weeks of The Start Line, I urge you check out my Elite Personal Performance Coaching or email me for more details.

What’s included the program?
    • 25 Daily Emails
    • 25 Daily Daily Actions which guide the development of your Small Steps Daily Practice
    • “Reply Back” Q&A – Have a question about the program? Just hit reply to any email and ask a question. All emails come directly to me and are answered by me.
    • The Start Line With Weekly One-to-One Coaching Calls includes five one-to-one calls together.
What do habits, awareness, and creativity have to do with increasing performance and achieving big goals?

A few years ago, I desperately wanted to change my work situation, my health, and my life direction. I wasn’t short on “motivation.” But I was stuck in a rut of poor choices.

So, I rebuilt the way I made choices through rebooting my system for building habits and self-investment. I didn’t rush the process. And over time, I saw huge results. The lessons I share in this program were my own start line.

How does The Start Line help me?

The Start Line program gradually builds you into the Small Steps Daily Practice, the same morning routine I’ve used to begin my day every day for the past several years.

How do the weekly calls work?

Each week, mastermind participants will join our live conference via their computer or phone. Our one hour call will follow a similar format each week – I will introduce and speak about the weekly topic for 10-15 minutes. Then, we will use much of the remaining time for group conversation including Q&A, application of the topic to the group, and setting weekly challenges and goals related to the topic.

What kind of topics will we talk about on the call?

Some of the topics come from themes out of my 5 With Joe Performance Coaching Programs. A few of the topics will include:

  • Small Steps Every Day
  • Energy vs Time
  • Creativity & Idea Generation
  • Seamless Transition
  • Start Lines vs Finish Lines
  • Cultures of Excellence

Many of the topics will come from the mastermind group to make sure we are talking about topics most important to you.

What is expected of me?

To enjoy the camaraderie of our group, be open minded to our weekly topics, and contribute to making the collective experience better. Ever and I encourage our group to openly share their challenges and what’s keeping them up at night. Whether on the call or or in the Facebook group, look for opportunities to share your your knowledge and experiences with others.

What if I’m not comfortable sharing my ideas?

Our job is create an environment that builds trust and confidence. To share ideas isn’t always easy but it is a practice in which you want to improve. That’s part of the process of stepping outside your comfort zone.

When will the live weekly call take place? For how long?

Every Wednesday at 10 am eastern time/7 am pacific starting April 5th, 2017. The calls will last an hour and run through September 6th, 2017.

What if the timing of the call doesn’t work for me?

It’s never easy to choose one time that works for everyone. Having said that, our goal is to create program that between just the value of the listening to the recorded call each week and the interaction in our private Facebook community is worth the value. In other words, joining us on the live call each week is added value.

How much does the program cost?

The Gold Medal Mastermind presented by Outlier HQ is $129 per month or a one-time payment $499 for the entire five months program when paid in advance.

If I can’t be at my computer, can I call in?

Absolutely. We will host of our calls on Zoom which has both video and audio conferencing options via your computer or access via a dial-in number on your phone.

How interactive will you be on the Facebook page?

The value of the Facebook within other Outlier mastermind programs is on the rise. Ever and I will check into this group’s page regularly. We want to see this as a hub for conversation, ideas, challenges that come up, group support, and acknowledging wins. We will also post the recorded call each week on this page.