Immerse yourself in a framework to improve habits, make empowered choices, stimulate creativity, and increase performance
through this 5 Week Intensive, coached by Olympic Gold Medalist and Performance Coach Joe Jacobi.

A 5 Week Intensive Coached by Olympic Gold Medalist and Performance Coach, Joe Jacobi that teaches you a framework to improve habits, make empowering choices, stimulate creativity, and increase performance.

5 With Joe aligns 5 incremental themes of self investment with 5 critical elements of health. Each week represents a theme and each weekday an element of your health.

Over the 5 week program, you’ll receive:

  • 25 Daily Emails lessons that links each theme with each element of health
  • 25 Daily Call to Actions that progressively builds our your Small Daily Practice
  • Daily Workouts focusing core exercises and walking from Professional Trainer, Mike Goncalves, founder of The Wellness Bucket
  • 4 one-to-one coaching calls with Joe
  • On-going email access to Joe – just reply to Daily Emails to ask questions
“… there are no manuals for how to be a contributing, happy senior citizen. (You) help me to see that, at every age, people come to a crossroads and are open to input. Your path is crossing mine at exactly the right time. Thanks Coach.”
“We are Both Grateful for Your Inspiration!!”

“Joe Says:
1) Redirect Negativity to Positive Action.
2) Confront tasks one at a time. Feel Proactive rather than overwhelmed.
3) Keep Moving!! Activity = Health!!

Get Your Moe Joe On !!”

– Message that two 5 With Joe students put on their mirrors after taking the course

“Thank you so much for sharing your insights and wisdom with the world, Joe. I think there’s a hunger for the kind of perspective you bring and I’m certain what you have to say deeply resonates with others. Keep up the GREAT and revealing work, Joe. It’s nothing less than inspiring!”
Senior Leader, United States Olympic Committee
“Your words keep me focused at a time when I need all of the focus my adult ADD mind can muster.”

A message from Joe –

If you’re inbox is anything like mine right now, the holiday onslaught of “New Year/New You” canned messaging is underway. Lot’s of goal-setting gurus that tell you 2017 will be your best year yet if you just think bigger, make more money, lose more weight, etc.

But, I encourage you to choose a different path. One that will get you moving again through a program of self investment that I created called 5 With Joe – a 5 week performance program coached by me that is built on 5 themes that I used to move my own life out of the depth of stuckness I experienced just a few years ago.

What makes 5 with Joe different from these other “go big” programs? Many of those programs ramp are designed to scale “widely” and shift your attention to the “exhilaration of big goals.” I designed 5 With Joe a personal and focused intensive that focuses on your inner game first – your health, choices, and awareness – so that you can slowly build more sustainable energy, creativity and habits to apply to the parts of your life that matter most.

joejacobi2Each weekday for 5 weeks, I’ll send to you a daily email that reinforces each of these 5 key themes through personal stories and lessons based off my experiences as an Olympic Champion, a Coach, and a CEO.

Also, I provide you with a call to action through the “Small Steps Daily Practice,” my every-day self investment routine that I teach to all of my coaching clients. I credit the “Small Steps Daily Practice” as the single biggest factor that changed my life, performance, and relationships for the better.

And the part of this 5 With Joe program about which I’m most excited? For the first time ever, I will include 1-on-1 personal coaching calls with you. These succinct weekly check-ins will make sure we stay on point, dial in on what’s most important, and that, together, we are doing everything necessary to ensure your success.

Since I can only make a limited number of 1-on-1 coaching calls each week, please register before the program fills up.

If the new year feels like the right time to try something different, I would be delighted to share the next session of 5 With Joe with you. To make sure you have your spot for the 1-1 calls, please register now or email me with any questions.

With gratitude,