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Joe Jacobi, Olympic Gold Medalist

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“We are proud to have Joe contribute to our team at EY. Joe’s passion for building leaders and teams perform their best is contagious. During a training session he led for our Senior technology leadership group that was truly global in nature, Joe’s energy for sharing stories and lessons from his Olympic success established a positive connection with our leaders that is still in place today.”

5 With Joe - Performance CoachingRohit Panedka, Ernst & Young

“Joe mesmerized me with his weekly insights on his blog, Sunday Morning Joe. I devoured his weekly knowledge and when I was ready for a coach, he was my choice. Who better to learn from than the very best, an Olympic Gold Medalist who teaches the habits and mindset of a winner? It’s been several months since our coaching sessions and my life and business continues to evolve. Joe, thank you so very much for everything! You are a master of teaching major transformation through small, focused steps.”

5 With Joe - Performance CoachingKelly Howard, Bayou City Outdoors

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